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Grand Opening

February 3, 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online resale bookshop. In it you will find the works of Rudolf Steiner and other esoteric materials. By donating and/or purchasing books from us, you are not only helping to preserve these valuable resources, but you help to fund our work on the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Together, we can ensure these important works reach a broader audience.

Esoteric Library Recirculation

Do you have more books than you can handle or concerns about what will happen to your library when you are gone? Through our store, donated books can be recirculated in the community and given new life.

1. Donate Books

Our inventory comes solely from donated books. When you give books to our nonprofit, Steiner Online Library, you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes and at the same time help us to fund the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Consider gifting your library to Steiner Online Library in your will to ensure these resources are preserved and utilized. Learn more →

2. Buy Used Books

Purchase books from us to prevent these treasures from ending up in a large bookstore warehouse or, heaven forbid, a landfill somewhere. Give them a new home by adding them to your personal collection.

We are thrilled to offer rare and vintage books at more affordable prices than other retailers. Our inventory will change frequently as more books are donated, so check back often!

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate international orders at this time. If you reside outside of the United States and would like to place an order, please consider making arrangements with someone within the United States to receive your order and forward it to you. We will continue to explore ways to mitigate our risks of international shipping.

3. Charitable Benefit

Proceeds from sales support the Rudolf Steiner Archive through its nonprofit, Steiner Online Library, US Federal Tax ID 85-2621701. With your support, we will continue to make the work of Rudolf Steiner and other anthroposophical materials accessible and searchable online in English.

Recent Additions

Added Volume Document Title Date
28 Feb 2024 203. Dangers Threatening the Spiritual Life of Today 09 Jan 1921
24 Feb 2024 125. Vital Questions in the Light of Reincarnation and Karma 26 Nov 1910
20 Feb 2024 101. Myths and Symbols 21 Oct 1907
08 Jan 2024 282. Questions and Answers on Dramatic Art 10 Apr 1921
07 Jan 2024 282. The Forming of Speech is an Art 05 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Six Revelations of Speech 06 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Speech as a Formed Gesture 07 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. How to Attain Style in Speech and Drama 08 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Secret of the Art of the Masters Consists in This: He Annihilates Matter Through Form' —Schiller 09 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Sensitive Perception for Sound and Word Instead of for Meaning and Idea 10 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Some Practical Illustrations of the Forming of Speech 11 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Moulding and Sculpting of Speech 12 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Style in Gesture 13 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Mystery Character of Dramatic Art 14 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Relation of Gesture and Mime to the Forming of Speech 15 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Artistic Quality in Drama. Stylisation of Moods 16 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Study of the Text From Two Aspects: Delineation of Character, and the Whole Form of the Play 17 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Stage Décor: Its Stylisation in Colour and Light 18 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Esoteric Art of the Actor's Vocation 19 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Work of the Stage From Its More Inward Aspect. Destiny, Character, and Plot. 20 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. Further Study of the Sounds of Speech 21 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Speech Sounds as a Revelation of the Form of Man. Control of the Breath. 22 Sep 1924
07 Jan 2024 282. The Formative Activity of the Word 23 Sep 1924
04 Jan 2024 110. Lecture I 12 Apr 1909
04 Jan 2024 110. Lecture II 12 Apr 1909

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