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GA 352

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. On the Pachyderms. The Nature of Shells and Skeletal Formation Untranslated 07 Jan 1924 Dornach
2. On Poisonous Substances and Their Effects Cosmic Workings In Earth and Man 19 Jan 1924 Dornach
3. On Nutrition Untranslated 23 Jan 1924 Dornach
4. The Human Eye. Albinism Untranslated 02 Feb 1924 Dornach
5. The Circulation of Fluids in the Earth Cosmic Workings In Earth and Man 09 Feb 1924 Dornach
6. On Clothing of Man Untranslated 13 Feb 1924 Dornach
7. On the Effects of Arsenic and Alcohol on the Body Untranslated 16 Feb 1924 Dornach
8. On the Connection of the Higher Beings with the Members of the Physical Body. On the Effects of Opium and Alcohol Untranslated 20 Feb 1924 Dornach
9. Building up and Breaking Down in the Human Body. The Significance of Secretions Untranslated 23 Feb 1924 Dornach
10. On Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Unrealistic Thinking Untranslated 27 Feb 1924 Dornach