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GA 250

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Comments on the Establishment of a "Trust" for Anthroposophical Work Untranslated 15 Dec 1911 Berlin
2. Christian Morgenstern. Commemorating the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Building in Dornach. Spiritual Science and the Modern Spiritual Life Untranslated 20 Sep 1914 Dornach
3. 5th Annual General Meeting of the St. John Building Group Untranslated 21 Oct 1917 Dornach
4. 6th Annual General Meeting of the Goetheanum Society (fka St. John's Building) Untranslated 03 Nov 1918 Dornach
5. 7th Annual General Meeting of the Goetheanum Society Untranslated 25 Apr 1920 Dornach
6. Untranslated 26 Sep 1920 Dornach
7. 8th Annual General Meeting of the Goetheanum Society Untranslated 27 Jun 1921 Dornach
8. Briefing on the conference in Stuttgart The Task of the Anthroposophical Society Untranslated 25 Sep 1921 Dornach
9. 9th General Meeting with the Goetheanum Association Untranslated 25 Jun 1922 Dornach
10. Address Before a Lecture Course Untranslated 01 Jan 1923 Dornach
11. Meeting of the Members of the Anthroposophical Society Review of the Structure of the Destroyed Goetheanum and Indication of the Reconstruction Untranslated 06 Jan 1923 Dornach
12. 10th General Meeting of the Goetheanum Association Untranslated 17 Jun 1923 Dornach
13. Untranslated 21 Sep 1923 Dornach
14. Difficulties of Self Knowledge. The Development of the Soul and Spirit of Man in the Post-Atlantean Period. The Disciples of Humanity. About the Opposition Untranslated 10 Jun 1917 Leipzig
15. Untranslated 23 May 1922 Stuttgart
16. Introduction to a Lecture Series: The Spiritual Guidance of Man and Mankind Untranslated 20 Mar 1913 The Hague
17. Closing Words of a Lecture Cycle Untranslated 29 Mar 1913 The Hague
18. Briefing on the Vienna Congress as an East-West Watershed of the Anthroposophical Movement Untranslated 18 Jun 1922 Dornach
19. 3rd Regular General Meeting of the St. John Society Untranslated 22 Sep 1913 Basel