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GA 225

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Briefing on the Trip to Prague. The Crisis of Spiritual Life in the Last Third of the 19th Century. Freidrich Theodor Vischer's Novel "Even One" Untranslated 05 May 1923 Dornach
2. The three Perspectives of Anthroposophy. II Untranslated 06 May 1923 Dornach
3. Cultural Problems of Today. Discussion on the Essay of Albert Schweitzer "Decline and Restoration of Civilization". Max Rubner. Untranslated 01 Jul 1923 Dornach
4. Viewing the Century in Reference to the Novel by George Sand "Le Compagnon du Tour de France" Untranslated 06 Jul 1923 Dornach
5. The Social Conditions in the West, in Central and in Eastern Europe. George Sand. Goethe. Dostoevsky Untranslated 07 Jul 1923 Dornach
6. The Influence of Latin on European Culture. The Rift Between the Greek and Roman Culture in Relation to the Mysteries of Nature Untranslated 08 Jul 1923 Dornach
7. Gnostic Doctrines and Supersensible Influences in Europe Gnostic Doctrines and Supersensible Influences in Europe 15 Jul 1923 Dornach
8. The Physical Perspective Untranslated 20 Jul 1923 Dornach
9. The Perspective of the Soul Untranslated 21 Jul 1923 Dornach
10. The Spiritual Perspective Untranslated 22 Jul 1923 Dornach
11. The Life of Dreams. The Dream World as Transition Between the Physicl-Natural and the Moral World Untranslated 22 Sep 1923 Dornach
12. The three Perspectives of Anthroposophy. XII Untranslated 23 Sep 1923 Dornach