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GA 66

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. The Human Soul and the Human Body The Human Soul and the Human Body 15 Feb 1917 Berlin
2. Riddles of the Soul and Riddles of the Universe The Human Soul and the Human Body 17 Feb 1917 Berlin
3. The Immortal Soul, The Power of Fate and the Course of Human Life Untranslated 01 Mar 1917 Berlin
4. Human Soul and Human Body in Natural and Spiritual Knowledge Untranslated 15 Mar 1917 Berlin
5. The Riddle of the Soul and the Riddle of the Universe: Research and Observation in German Spiritual Life Untranslated 17 Mar 1917 Berlin
6. Life, Death and the Immortality of the Soul in the Universe Untranslated 22 Mar 1917 Berlin
7. Beyond the Senses and Beyond the Soul Untranslated 31 Mar 1917 Berlin