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Articles by Rudolf Steiner

Articles include documents written for publication in a journal, formal addresses, and other materials that are neither books nor lectures (e.g., Calendar of the Soul verses and meditations).
GA# is the volume in Steiner's collected works (Gesammtausgabe).
Year is the original German publication date.

GA# Title Year
Capital and Credit (1927) 1919
Only Possible Critique of the Atomistic Concepts 1882
Physiognomies 1924
Prayers for Mothers and Children 1915
Spiritual Life, Civil Rights, Industrial Economy 1921
Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society 1923
Two Cosmic Verses (Golden Blade, 1988) 0
Two Essays on Haeckel 1905
30.1.01 Goethe as the Founder of a New Science of Aesthetics 1888
30.1.05 Individualism in Philosophy 1899
30.2.03 Nature and Our Ideals 1889
30.2.21 Truth and Verisimilitude in a Work of Art 1898
31.2.21 University Education and the Demands of the Present Time 1898
31.2.30 Individualist Anarchism: An Opponent of the 'Propaganda of the Deed' 1898
34 Reincarnation and Karma: How Karma Works 1903
34.1.17 Anthroposophy and the Social Question 1905
34.1.17 The Fundamental Social Law (an exerpt) 1919
34.1.17 Spiritual Science and the Social Question 1905
34.1.23 The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy 1909
35.01 Mathematics and Occultism 1904
35.02 The Spiritual-Scientific Basis of Goethes Work 1906
35.04 Philosophy and Anthroposophy 1908
35.09 Mission of Spiritual Science and of Its Building at Dornach, Switzerland 1916
35.1 Human Life in the Light of Spiritual Science - Anthroposophy 1916
35.11 Knowledge of the State Between Death and a New Birth 1916
35.14 Supersensible Knowledge: Its Secrecy in the Past and Publication in Our Time 1916
35.15 The Luciferic and Ahrimanic in Relation to Man 1927
36.1.01 Hopeful Aspects of the Present World Situation 1921
36.1.12 An Observer of World Crises 1922
36.1.16 West-East Aphorisms 1922
36.3.01 Albert Steffen as Lyric Poet 1922
36.4.01 The Scientific Method of Anthroposophy 1921
36.4.08 A Lecture on Pedagogy 1922
36.4.11 Language and the Spirit of Language 1922
36.4.16 Michael and the Dragon 1923
36.4.18 Goethe's Cultural Environment and the Present Epoch 1923
36.4.19 On the Life of the Soul 1923
38.1 Atomism and its Refutation 1890
40.1 Calendar of the Soul 1912
40.5 Twelve Moods 1915