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GA 353

Date Title City
01 Mar 1924 The Effect of the Cemetary-Environment on Man. The Philosophies of the Ancient Indians, Egyptians, Babylonians and Jews Dornach
05 Mar 1924 Origin and Carnival. Super Physical Relationships in the Life of Man. Hellenism and Christianity Dornach
08 Mar 1924 The Entry of Christianity in the Ancient World and the Mysteries Dornach
13 Mar 1924 Star Wisdom. Moon and Sun Religion Dornach
15 Mar 1924 How did Europe Look at the Time of the Spread of Christianity? Dornach
19 Mar 1924 The Trinity Dornach
26 Mar 1924 The Idea of Christ in Ancient and Modern Times Dornach
12 Apr 1924 On the Easter Festival Dornach
26 Apr 1924 On Excavation. The Mummy Dornach
05 May 1924 Foundations of a Spiritual-Scientific Astronomy (erroneously dated 5 March 1923) Dornach
08 May 1924 On the Nature of Judaism Dornach
10 May 1924 On the Tree of the Sephiroth Dornach
14 May 1924 On Kant, Schopenhauerand Eduard Von Hartmann Dornach
17 May 1924 On Comets and the Solar System, the Zodiac and the Other Fixed Stars Dornach
20 May 1924 Moses. Decadent Atlantean Culture in Tibet Dornach
04 Jun 1924 The Nature of the Sun. Origin of Freemasonry; By Signs, Grip and Word. Ku Klux Klan Dornach
25 Jun 1924 Man and the Hierarchies. The Lost Ways of the Ancient Knowledge. The "Philosophy of Freedom" Dornach