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GA 347

Date Title City
02 Aug 1922 On the Origin of Speech and Language Dornach
05 Aug 1922 From the Life Body of Man. The Brain and Thinking Dornach
09 Aug 1922 Man in His Relationship with the World. Creation and Dissolution Dornach
13 Sep 1922 Perception and Thinking of the Internal Organs Dornach
16 Sep 1922 The Process of Nutririon, Physical-Material and Soul-Spiritual Aspects Dornach
09 Sep 1922 Knowledge of the Human Being in Body, Soul, and Spirit. The Brain and Thinking. The Liver as a Sense Organ Dornach
20 Sep 1922 On Early Earth Conditions (Lemuria) Dornach
23 Sep 1922 Early Conditions of the Earth Dornach
27 Sep 1922 Earliest Times on Earth Dornach
30 Sep 1922 Adam Kadmon in Lemuria Dornach