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GA 304

Date Title City
23 Feb 1921 Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and the Great Questions of Civilization Today The Hague
27 Feb 1921 Education, Teaching and Practical Life Questions from the Viewpoint of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science The Hague
26 Sep 1921 The Pedagogical Significance of Knowledge of of Illness and Health in Man Dornach
11 Nov 1921 The Practice of Education in the Waldorf School Aarau
23 Nov 1921 Educational and Teaching Methods I Oslo
24 Nov 1921 Educational and Teaching Methods II Oslo
19 Apr 1922 Drama and its Relationship to Education Stratford
23 Apr 1922 Shakespeare and the New Ideal (Lecture on Shakespeare's Birthday) Stratford
16 Sep 1922 A Lecture on Pedagogy Dornach