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GA 291

Date Title City
06 May 1921 Experiences the Four Basic Colors Dornach
07 May 1921 Colors for Image and Luster Dornach
08 May 1921 Color and Materials. Painting With Color Dornach
05 Dec 1920 Light and Darkness as Two World Entities Dornach
10 Dec 1920 Life in Light and Heaviness Dornach
29 Jul 1923 Measure, Number and Weight Dornach
26 Jul 1914 The Creative World of Color Dornach
01 Jan 1915 Moral Experience of the Worlds of Color and Sound as a Preparation for Artistic Creation Dornach
21 Feb 1923 The Two Basic Laws of Color Theory: Red and Blue Dornach
02 Jun 1923 The Perspective of Space and Color Dornach
09 Jun 1923 Spirit and Its Opposite in Painting: Titian's “Assumption of the Virgin” Dornach
04 Jan 1924 The Hierarchies and the Essence of the Rainbow Dornach