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GA 260

Date Title City
02 Apr 2023 Foreword by Marie Steiner: The Turning of the Year 1924/1924 N/A
24 Dec 1923 The Opening of the Christmas Foundation Conference Dornach
24 Dec 1923 Opening Lecture and Reading of the Statutes Dornach
24 Dec 1923 Laying the Foundation Stone for the Anthroposophical Society Dornach
25 Dec 1923 Continuing of the Reports of the General Secretaries Dornach
25 Dec 1923 Meeting of the Vostand with the General Secretaries and Leaders of the Regional Sections Dornach
26 Dec 1923 Continuation of the Reports of the General Secretaries Dornach
27 Dec 1923 Continuation Dornach
28 Dec 1923 Continuation Dornach
28 Dec 1923 Dornach
29 Dec 1923 Meeting of the Vorstand with the Leadership of the Swiss Section (in the "Beisen" of the General Secretary) Dornach
29 Dec 1923 Continuation Dornach
30 Dec 1923 Continuation Dornach
31 Dec 1923 Dornach
31 Dec 1923 Meeting with the Anthropsophical Society of Switzerland Dornach
01 Jan 1924 Notes on the Mantram of the Foundation Stone Dornach
01 Jan 1924 Social Meeting (Rout) Dornach
01 Jan 1924 Closing The Structure of Dornach Dornach
03 Feb 1924 Address after the Members Lecture. Statement of the Conditions for Admission to the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science Dornach
20 Jun 1924 Briefing on Agriculture Course and the Breslau Meeting. The Financial Situation of the Waldorf School. Dead and Living Nitrogen. Cosmic and Earthly Substances in the Diet Dornach