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GA 174b

Date Title City
30 Sep 1914 Consideration of Current Events and Their Causes. The European Folksouls. The War as a Teacher Stuttgart
13 Feb 1915 The Spiritual Ground of the World War. Rise and Fall of Civilizations. The Mission of the 5th and 6th Post-Atlantean Ages. Nature and Role of Central Europe Stuttgart
14 Feb 1915 The Mission of the European Folk Souls. The Central European Struggle Between West and East. The Christ Impulse. Self-Knowledge Stuttgart
22 Nov 1915 On the Dead. The Interaction of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds 1 Stuttgart
23 Nov 1915 The Interaction of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds 2 Stuttgart
24 Nov 1915 The Interaction of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds 3 Stuttgart
12 Mar 1916 Stuttgart
15 Mar 1916 Thinking and Willing. Occult Societies Stuttgart
11 May 1917 The Desire of the Modern Soul for Anthroposophy. Anthroposophy and Natural Science. Opponents in the Anthroposophical Society Stuttgart
13 May 1917 Stuttgart
15 May 1917 Stuttgart
23 Feb 1918 Sleeping, Dreaming, Waking and Willing, Feeling, Thinking. The Relationship Between the Living and the Dead. The Impulses of the Dead in Historical Life. The Role of Central Europe Stuttgart
24 Feb 1918 Stuttgart
23 Apr 1918 The Life Between Death and Rebirth in Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. Luciferic and Ahrimanic Impulses in Past and Present Stuttgart
26 Apr 1918 The Disciples of Humanity. Proper Aging of the Individual. The Mood of Expectancy toward Life as an Educational Impulse Stuttgart
21 Mar 1921 Comments Following the Course on World History of the Free Anthroposophic College. The Question of War-Guilt Stuttgart