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GA 150

Date Title City
14 Mar 1913 The Work of the Good Gods and Luciferic and Ahrimanic the Powers on the Soul Augsburg
23 Mar 1913 The Beginning of Spring, the Easter Moon and Easter Sunday The Hague
13 Apr 1913 The Living and the Dead Weimar
13 Apr 1913 The Dead As Helper the Aspirant to Spiritual Knowledge Erfurt
05 May 1913 Macrocosm and Microcosm Paris
08 Jun 1913 Nature and Spirit in the Light of Theosophical Knowledge Stockholm
10 Jun 1913 Freedom of the Soul in the Light of Theosophical Knowledge Stockholm
21 Dec 1913 Earthwinter and Sun Spirit Victory Bochum
23 Dec 1913 Medieval Christmas Plays. The Mystery of Golgotha Berlin
12 Jan 1913 The Working of Ahriman and Lucifer in the Spiritual Life of Today Leipzig