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GA 118

Date Title City
25 Jan 1910 The Return of Christ Karlsruhe
27 Jan 1910 Over the Ages. The Return of Christ Heidelberg
30 Jan 1910 Human Development. The Return of Christ in the Etheric Pforzheim
20 Feb 1910 The New Spiritual Age and the Return of Christ Düsseldorf
27 Feb 1910 From Buddha to Maitreya-Buddha Cologne
05 Mar 1910 The Contrast of Male and Female, of Moon and Comet. Halley's Comet and the Spiritual Life of Man Stuttgart
06 Mar 1910 The Coming Era. Abraham, Moses, Solomon. Clairvoyance and the Future of Christ Stuttgart
13 Mar 1910 Male and Female in the Cosmos. Comets and Their Significance for Life on Earth Munich
15 Mar 1910 The Spiritual Development of Humanity in the Next 2,500 Years. The Sermon on the Mount. The Land of Shambala Munich
18 Apr 1910 The Return of Christ Palermo
10 May 1910 Comets as a Mark of Materialism Hanover
15 May 1910 The Festival of Whitsun Hamburg
06 Feb 1910 The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric Kassel
11 Apr 1910 The Nature of Man Rome
12 Apr 1910 Higher Worlds and Their Connection with Our World Rome
13 Apr 1910 The Role of High Great Personages Who are Involved with the Development of the Earth Rome