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GA 117

Date Title City
11 Oct 1909 Buddha. The Two Jesus Boys Berlin
18 Oct 1909 The Gospel. Buddha and Christ Berlin
02 Nov 1909 On the Seventh Year of the German Section of the Theosophical Society. The Four Gospels. The Gospel of Matthew Berlin
09 Nov 1909 Abraham and the Mission of the Ancient Hebrew People Berlin
23 Nov 1909 The Nazarites as Forerunner of John the Baptist. John the Baptist and the Pharisees. The Revelation of Sinai Berlin
13 Nov 1909 Spiritual Science, Its Tasks and Goals Stuttgart
14 Nov 1909 The Gospels Stuttgart
19 Nov 1909 The Gospel of St. Matthew and the Christ Problem Zürich
04 Dec 1909 Group Soul and Individuality Munich
07 Dec 1909 The Mission of Zarathustra Munich
21 Dec 1909 The Christmas Tree, a Symbol Berlin
26 Dec 1909 Christmas Spirit Berlin