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GA 107

Date Title City
19 Oct 1908 Streams of the Astral World Berlin
21 Oct 1908 The Effects of Astrality on the Lower Animals. Medusae, Siphonophores, Fish Berlin
23 Oct 1908 History of the Physical Plane and Occult History Berlin
26 Oct 1908 The Significance of Privation, Renunciation and Sacrifice Berlin
27 Oct 1908 The Nature of Pain, Suffering, Delight, and the Sublime Berlin
29 Oct 1908 The Four Human Soul Groups: Lion, Bull, Eagle, Man Berlin
02 Nov 1908 Forgetting Berlin
10 Nov 1908 The Nature of Illnesses Berlin
16 Nov 1908 The Nature and Significance of the Ten Commandments Berlin
08 Dec 1908 The Nature of Original Sin Berlin
21 Dec 1908 On the Rhythms in the Human Body Berlin
01 Jan 1909 Mephistopheles and Earthquakes Berlin
12 Jan 1909 Rhythms in Human Nature Berlin
26 Jan 1909 Illness and Karma Berlin
15 Feb 1909 Christianity in the Evolution of Modern Mankind Berlin
22 Mar 1909 Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Asuric Influences on Man Berlin
27 Apr 1909 Laughing and Weeping Berlin
03 May 1909 The Various Expressions of the Ego Berlin
17 Jun 1909 Creation out of Nothingness Berlin