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GA 97

Date Title City
09 Feb 1906 The Christian Mysteries Düsseldorf
11 Feb 1906 Dante's Divine Comedy Düsseldorf
12 Feb 1906 The Gospel of John, Chapters 1-12 Cologne
13 Feb 1906 The Gospel of John, Chapters 13 on Cologne
03 Feb 1907 The Gospel of St. John Heidelberg
02 Dec 1906 The Mystery of Golgotha Cologne
15 Dec 1906 Theosophical Christmas (The Meaning of the Christmas Festival from the Standpoint of Spiritual Science) Landin
17 Feb 1907 The Origin of Religious Belief and Forms of Prayer Landin
19 Jan 1907 The Sermon on the Mount Stratford
19 Jan 1907 Questions and Answers Stratford
04 Feb 1907 The Lord's Prayer Jena
06 Mar 1907 The Lord's Prayer Cologne
07 Mar 1907 The Mission of the Theosophical Movement Düsseldorf
08 Mar 1907 The Promise of the Spirit of Truth Cologne
17 Mar 1907 The Sin against the Holy Spirit and the Ideal of Christian Grace Munchenstein
30 Mar 1906 Lucifer, Wisdom and Love Düsseldorf
04 Apr 1906 The Children of Lucifer Düsseldorf
29 Apr 1906 On Luciferic Clairvoyance Stratford
29 Apr 1906 Questions and Answers Stratford
19 Sep 1906 The Three Paths of Development Basel
30 Nov 1906 The Three Paths to Initiation Cologne
11 Dec 1906 How Does One Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds in the Rosicrucian Sense? Munchenstein
16 Feb 1907 Who are the Rosicrucians? Landin
22 Feb 1907 Inner Development Various
14 Mar 1906 The Law of Karma as the Consequence of the Deeds of Life. The Origins of the Emergence of Disease and Heredity Stratford
29 Jul 1906 Parsifal Mark
16 Jan 1907 Richard Wagner's "Parsifal" Karlsruhe
04 Dec 1906 The Three Aspects of the World Cologne
21 Apr 1906 The Interior of the Earth Munchenstein
25 Apr 1906 What are the Reasons that Today there is a Theosophical Movement? Landin
25 Apr 1906 What is the Basis for Today's Theosophical Movement Landin
13 Oct 1906 The Relationship of Gemstones to the Human Senses Landin
13 Oct 1906 Gemstones and Metals in Their Relation to Earthly and Human Evolution Landin
12 Jan 1907 Education of the Child from the Standpoint of Spiritual Science Landin
16 Mar 1907 The Soul of Animals Landin
16 Mar 1907 Animal Sould and Human Personalities Landin