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GA 96

Date Title City
29 Jan 1906 The Original Impulses for Spiritual Science Berlin
16 Apr 1906 The Eruption of Vesuvius Berlin
07 May 1906 Before the Celebration of "White Lotus Day". On the Greek Mysteries. Hegel's "Eleusis" Berlin
14 May 1906 On Education Berlin
01 Oct 1906 The Logical and Rational in Theosophy Berlin
08 Oct 1906 Theosophy and the Secret Brotherhoods Berlin
15 Oct 1906 Questions on Karma 1 Berlin
19 Oct 1906 The Relationship of the Human Senses to the Outer World Berlin
20 Oct 1906 How Does One Attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds? The Rosicrucian Path to Knowledge Berlin
21 Oct 1906 On Occult Development. The Path of Knowledge for the Rosicrucian 2. Gems and the Human Senses Berlin
22 Oct 1906 Nutrition and Healing Methods in the Light of Theosophy Berlin
22 Oct 1906 Questions on Karma 2. On the Life After Death Berlin
17 Dec 1906 On the Meaning of the Christmas Festival Berlin
28 Jan 1907 The Lord's Prayer 1 Berlin
18 Feb 1907 The Lord's Prayer 2 The Origin of Religious Beliefs and the Forms of Prayer Berlin
04 Mar 1907 The Mission of Mankind Berlin
25 Mar 1907 The Mystery of Golgotha. Easter Lecture 1 Berlin
01 Apr 1907 The Mystery of Golgotha. Easter Lecture 2 Berlin
27 Apr 1907 Arriving at Christianity Through Spiritual Science Berlin
12 Jun 1907 Personal, Impersonal, Super-personal Berlin