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GA 93a

Date Title City
26 Sep 1905 The Symbol of the Snake. The Sympathetic Nervous System Berlin
27 Sep 1905 Activity, Wisdom, Will. The Double Berlin
28 Sep 1905 Consciousness in the Three Kingdoms Berlin
29 Sep 1905 Bees and Ants. The Philosopher's Stone Berlin
30 Sep 1905 Tolstoy. Ulfilas. Solid Matter. Ear and Speech. Heart and Pituitary Berlin
01 Oct 1905 Gods, Pitris, Nirmanakayas, Bodhisattvas, Pure Men. Elemental Beings Berlin
02 Oct 1905 The Cosmic Power of Thinking of (old) Moon. Jehovah. Karma Berlin
03 Oct 1905 Reincarnation. Zodiac. Wedding at Cana. Trappists. Judas Berlin
04 Oct 1905 The Physical Body. The Senses. Seven Planes, Seven States. Jupiter. Materialism. Christian Rosenkreutz Berlin
05 Oct 1905 Akasha, Ether, Astral Light, Earth. Auric Egg. The Astral Body. The Aura. Processing of the Mineral Kingdom Berlin
06 Oct 1905 Karma and Freedom, Dream and Sleep Berlin
07 Oct 1905 The Four Lower Bodies Berlin
08 Oct 1905 Working and Nature of the Devas Berlin
09 Oct 1905 The Stay of the Human in Devachan between Two Incarnations Berlin
10 Oct 1905 The Teaching of the Rosicrucians. The Nidanas Berlin
11 Oct 1905 The Action of Karma. Nirvana Berlin
12 Oct 1905 Intuition, Imagination, Abstract Thinking. First, Second and Third Logos Berlin
16 Oct 1905 The Union of Man with His Higher Self Berlin
17 Oct 1905 Through Man Were Created the Elemental Beings Berlin
18 Oct 1905 The Nature of the Astral World Berlin
19 Oct 1905 Technique of Reincarnation. Actions, Feelings, Thoughts Berlin
24 Oct 1905 Reincarnation and Karma, The Problem of Death Berlin
25 Oct 1905 Fertilization by the Spirit, with the Monad Berlin
26 Oct 1905 Races, Globes, Rounds Berlin
27 Oct 1905 Planets, Consciousness, Elemental Kingdoms Berlin
28 Oct 1905 Planets, Rounds, Globes, Races, Realms, Jehovah, Lucifer Berlin
30 Oct 1905 Consciousness, Life, Form, Astral Beings Berlin
31 Oct 1905 Sense Organs, Types of Ether, Subraces, Consciousness Berlin
03 Nov 1905 The Working of Karma, Illness and Occultism. Evil. The Sphinx Berlin
04 Nov 1905 Nutritional Issues. Wine. Socialism in East and West Berlin
05 Nov 1905 31 Berlin