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GA 77b

Date Title City
21 Aug 1921 Opening Lecurre Dornach
23 Aug 1921 Anthroposophy and Art Dornach
24 Aug 1921 Anthroposophy as a Science of Human Nature Dornach
26 Aug 1921 Anthroposophy as a Moral Impulse and Basis of Social Organization Dornach
26 Aug 1921 Questions and Answers Dornach
25 Aug 1921 Tour of the Goetheanum for Students Dornach
27 Aug 1921 Lecture on the Goetheanum and Closing Speech Dornach
22 Aug 1921 Conversation on Further Work in Relation to the Founding of a World School Association Dornach
24 Aug 1921 Introductory Words to a Eurythmy Performance Dornach
26 Aug 1921 Introduction to a Eurythmy Performance with Scenes from the Mystery Plays Dornach
10 Apr 1921 Closing Words of the 2nd Anthroposophical College Course ( 3 - 10 April) Dornach