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GA 73

Number Title Date
1 Anthroposophy and Psychology. Spiritual-Scientific Findings on Questions of the Human Soul 1917-11-05
2 Anthroposophy and History. Spiritual-Scientific Research Results about Man and His Cultural Forms 1917-11-07
3 Anthroposophy and Natural Science Spiritual-Scientific Findings on Nature and the Nature of Man 1917-11-12
4 Anthroposophy and the Social Sciences. Spiritual-Scientific Results on Law, Morality and social Forms 1917-11-14
5 Is a Supersensible Basis of Knowledge Scientifically Justifiable? 1918-10-08
6 The Spiritual-Scientific Structure of Soul-Research 1918-10-10
7 Knowledge of Nature, Social Science and Religious Life in the Light of Spiritual Scientific Outlook 1918-10-15
8 The History of Modern Times in Light of Spiritual-Scientific Forces 1918-10-17