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GA 67

Date Title City
24 Jan 1918 The Aim and Nature of Spiritual Research Berlin
07 Feb 1918 Man as a Being of Spirit and Soul Berlin
21 Feb 1918 Goethe as the Father of Spiritual Research Berlin
28 Feb 1918 Spirit, Soul and Body of Man Berlin
07 Mar 1918 Nature and Her Riddle in the Light of Spiritual Investigation Berlin
14 Mar 1918 The Historical Life of Man and its Mystery in the Sense of Spiritual Science Berlin
21 Mar 1918 The Revelations of the Unconscious Soul Life from the Spiritual-Scientific Standpoint Berlin
15 Apr 1918 Human and Animal Development in the Light of Spiritual Science Berlin
18 Apr 1918 Supersensible Man According to the Results of Spiritual-Scientific Research Berlin
20 Apr 1918 The Question of Human Free Will and Immortality in the Light of Spiritual Science Berlin