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GA 62

Date Title City
31 Oct 1912 How is Spiritual Research (Theosophy) Refuted? Berlin
07 Nov 1912 How Warranted is Spiritual Research (Theosophy)? Berlin
14 Nov 1912 The Tasks of Spiritual Research for the Present and for the Future Berlin
21 Nov 1912 The Paths to Supersensible Knowledge Berlin
05 Dec 1912 The Results of Spiritual Research on the Questions of Life and the Riddle of Death Berlin
12 Dec 1912 Natural Science and Spiritual Research Berlin
09 Jan 1913 Jacob Boehme Berlin
16 Jan 1913 The World View of a Current Historian (Herman Grimm) and of Spiritual Science Berlin
30 Jan 1913 The Mission of Raphael in the Light of the Science of the Spirit Berlin
06 Feb 1913 The Poetry of Fairy Tales in the Light of Spiritual Investigation Berlin
13 Feb 1913 Leonardo's Spiritual Greatness at the Turning Point of Modern Times Berlin
06 Mar 1913 Errors of Spiritual Investigation Berlin
03 Apr 1913 Morality in the Light of Spiritual Research Berlin
10 Apr 1913 The Heritage of the 19th Century Berlin